Tom Hope, jazz pianist, was born and raised in Houston, studied music at North Texas State Univ., and was a U.S. Army bandsman. He lived and worked in Los Angeles during the 70's and is a Chicagoan since 1976. An experienced accompanist, He has a repertoire of thousands of tunes in all keys, with an emphasis on the Great American Songbook.
    Tom Has Performed with Barrett Deems, Arnett Cobb, Scott Hamilton, Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson, Ira Sullivan, Ken Peplowski, Ed Polcer, Red Holloway, Lee Castle, Richie Cole, Al Grey, Britt Woodman,Tommy Saunders, and Charlie Persip, as well as singers such as The Four Freshmen and Jaye P. Morgan. He is also an accomplished singer.
     Tom also offers jazz vocal coaching in the context of The Great American Songbook. This involves learning the real melodies and rhythms of the songs, choosing tempos on the basis of lyrical sense and swing, then allowing one's natural style to develop. This leads to liberation from copying other performers' personal interpretations.


         540 W. Briar Pl., Apt. 3A
         Chicago, Illinois 60657-4670                                 

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